LTI-2100 Shearography Digital Camera System

Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) has contributed one of its new LTI-2100 Digital Shearography Systems to the Iowa State University Center for Nondestructive Evaluation. Since 1985, the CNDE has been a center of excellence for teaching and research in nondestructive testing at the undergraduate and graduate level as part of the School of Engineering.

John Newman, President of Laser Technology Inc. stated, “we are very honored to provide the CNDE with their first shearography instrument to support their mission in the education and research programs for tomorrow’s engineers and in creating and promoting a national agenda for the NDE discipline”. 

Shearography has been widely implemented in many important aerospace programs since it’s development by LTI in 1986. The LTI-2100 Digital Shearography Camera is a compact all-mode shearography NDT system for the inspection of aerospace, marine, automotive composites, composite tanks (COPV), as well as turbine aircraft engines, rocket engines and spacecraft. Newman says that the LTI-2100 is “in use today for the inspection of the largest space launch vehicle rocket engines currently in production. This instrument will open new horizons and applications at CNDE”.

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