Shearography Training

LTI offers 5-day, 40 hour Training Courses for Level II & III Shearography and Holography NDT in accordance with, NAS 410 rev4 certification guidelines.

The Level III course is an advanced Shearography and holography curriculum for students having a Level II Shearography certificate.

Our trainers include technical leaders in the field and have more than 45 combined man-years of hands on experience in shearography and holography NDT.

Students train on state-of-the-art equipment, systems and software. Using test standards and parts from major aerospace programs.

Shearography Training Course topics include the following

• Laser and Personnel Safety
• Laser Operation
• Shearography and Holography NDT Theory
• Stress Methods
• NDT Procedure Development
• Practical Training
• Written and Practical Exams