Laser Technology offers Level II and Level III Shearography and Holography Nondestructive Testing Training courses. Courses are held over five days and consist of forty hours of classroom and hands-on training with both written and practical exams.

Our trainers include technical leaders in the field and have more than 45 combined man-years of hands on experience in shearography and holography nondestructive testing (NDT). Students train on state-of-the-art equipment, systems and software.

Upon successful completion of the NDT training course, participants are provided with a certificate of course completion.


To register, or for information on the course please contact Laser Technology, Inc., at 1-800-832-4846, or email:
Travel and living expense are the responsibility of the student.
Registration is limited to 10 students with a minimum 4 students needed to conduct each course. All course dates are contingent on COVID-19 policy
restrictions in place and are subject to change.


• Laser and Personnel Safety
• Laser Operation
• Shearography and Holography NDT Theory
• Stress Methods
• NDT Procedure Development
• Practical Training
• Written and Practical Exams