Shearography Training

Laser Technology offers Level II and Level III Shearography and Holography nondestructive training courses. Courses are held over five days and consist of forty hours of classroom and hands-on training with both written and practical exams.

Our trainers include technical leaders in the field and have more than 45 combined man-years of hands on experience in shearography and holography NDT. Students train on state-of-the-art equipment, systems and software and use test standards and parts from the aerospace, marine, automotive, and wind energy market segments.

Upon successful completion of the training course, participants are provided with a certificate of course completion.


To register, or for information on the course please contact Laser Technology, Inc., at 1-800-832-4846, or email:
Travel and living expense are the responsibility of the student.
Registration is limited to 10 students with a minimum 4 students needed
to conduct course. All course dates are contingent on COVID-19 policy
restrictions in place and are subject to change.

Upcoming Events

Level II
14- 18
Level II

LTI, Norristown PA.

Level II
18- 22
Level II

LTI, Norristown PA.

Shearography Training Course topics include the following

• Laser and Personnel Safety
• Laser Operation
• Shearography and Holography NDT Theory
• Stress Methods
• NDT Procedure Development
• Practical Training
• Written and Practical Exams