Laser Technology Inc. offers a unique combination of advanced nondestructive technologies combined with considerable experience and expertise in system integration, robotics, optical systems, fixture and tool design. Our proprietary digital laser Shearography and Holography cameras used for all LTI products and custom systems have exceptionally high resolution and low noise.
LTI Shearography and Holography systems image and measure test object surface profile changes as small as 1 nanometer. Subsurface defects cause local changes in the surface profile when the test part is subjected to a change in applied load. Typically these loads are in the form of heat, cold, pressure, vacuum, vibration or electromagnetic energy. These changes reveal subsurface defects such as:
  • Disbonds, Unbonds, Delamination
  • Core damage, Core splice disbonds, crushed core
  • Impact Damage, Heat Damage
  • Water Ingress
Laser Based Nondestructive Testing Equipment

Laser Mirror Mirror CCDCamera Computer & ImagingSoftware Test PartStress Controller & Sensors Vacuum, Thermal,Vibration ShearographyImage Calibration Phase StepperController Stress Device(Thermal ) Adjustable2 axis tiltshears images Laser LightIlluminates Test Part Surface Non- Visibledisbonds,impact damage,delaminated face sheet or core damage HoneycombTest Part Beam Splitter Monitor PhaseStepper ReflectedLaser Lightenters Shearcamera IR EnergyHeats TestPart Surface


Shearography NDT - How it works...

Click the TEST Button to start a shearography test on the honeycomb panel:
  1. The camera captures the unstressed Reference image
  2. The IR Stressing device then heats the surface image
  3. The face sheet deforms more where it is unsupported by the core due to disbonds
  4. Local deformations are displayed in real-time
  5. Defects are shown in detail in the final Unwrapped image.
Rocket Engine over Earth

NDT Applications

Our engineers have extensive first hand knowledge of a broad range of materials, structures and NDT applications such as: aircraft engines, composite and honeycomb components, COPV tanks and rocket engines, helicopter rotor blades, marine, and spacecraft/launch vehicles.

Tripod mounted LTI-2100 Shearography Camera

Laser Shearography NDT technologyShearography

Laser NDT methods based on interferometric imaging, primarily holography and shearography, have seen growing acceptance since the mid 1980's. With the large increase in the use of composite materials and sandwich structures, the need for high speed, large…

Man using Holography technology to inspect a wheel

Holography Technology

Holography has been used since the 1970’s for tire inspection. Before the development of electronic holography or electronic speckle interferometer (ESPI) cameras, film holography cameras were used in combination with vacuum stress.