Custom Vacuum Chamber Sherography System

Production Shearography /Thermography System for aircraft composites manufacturing.  LTI manufactures the LTI-9000 Vacuum Shearography System that includes the 5100 Shear Camera, Gantry, Part Fixture and Vacuum Test Chamber. Test parts are scanned a section at a time and images may be stitched together in one file.

Dual Channel Vacuum Shearography system for a large aircraft antenna.

The LTI-9000 Vacuum Test Chamber is manufactured in 8×8, 12×12 ft. cross sections in incremental lengths of 4 feet. Test chambers may be configured to meet your program requirements using modular end door, man-door, and plain sections. Chambers are manufactured complete with blower and control valves, electrical wiring harness, interior lighting and optional closed circuit video. 

LTI provides complete installation, certification and training.

Shearography camera on a inspecting aluminum honeycomb

Camera Gantry allows vertical and horizontal motion through the full volume of the test chamber and operates in manual or automatic modes with Teach/Learn capability. Test part throughput of 200-500 sq. ft. per hour is typical.


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LTI Advantage

Shearography Vacuum Test Chambers have unique design features optimized for mechanical stability, high cycle rate, low noise, industrial safety, and laser safety. They are typically designed in 4 foot segment lengths, width and height. This design may be changed due to the customer size requirements: The chamber is typically provided with one (1) End Door and, one (1) Side Man Door. Test chambers are designed for a maximum operating pressure differential of 0.3Bar (4.41 psi).

Custom Integrations

Shearography systems can be adapted to existing scanners where practical and cost effective.
Shearography Camera, LTI-5100 and Exciter mounted to an overhear crane.
Shearography Camera, LTI-5100 and Exciter mounted to an overhead crane.
Fuselage Section being loaded into the LTI-9000Production Shearography System
Fuselage Section being loaded into the LTI-9000Production Shearography System

LTI has more experience than any other company in the world building production shearography systems meeting the industry needs for in-line shearography inspection of aircraft and aerospace components. LTI continues to be the leader in the laser shearography industry with the latest in innovations of technology application of software and hardware.


Patents: The LTI-9000 is manufactured in the USA under US and foreign patents 6,717,681; 5,257,088; 5,094,528. Additional patents pending. Specifications are subject to change.

Laser Shearography Certifications AIA NAS 410, ASNT SNT-TC-1A, ASTM E2581-07, EN 4179

Stitched Shearography Image of a 747 Flap
Stitched Shearography Image of a 747 Flap
Aluminum Honeycomb disbonds
Aluminum Honeycomb disbonds
Four test images from a LTI-6200 thermal shearography camera
3-D QuantitativeDeformation Analysis



Shearography detects: Delaminations, Disbonds, Impact damage, Repair defects, Porosity, Cracks ,Fiber waves or wrinkles
Heatmap image of disbonds
Disbonds in metal braze bonded coolant channels. Field of View = 10 x 12 in.
NDT image of impact damage
Non-visible impact damage on a carbon fiber laminate aircraft wing panel. Field of View = 8 x 8 in.
Thermal Image of a Composite Overwrap Pressure Vessel or COPV
COPV fiber bridging defects .Tank diameter = 6.4 in.


Shearography can be applied to many applications, if we don’t have a system that works for you, we can custom build one that will.