Digital Holography Inspection System


Holography Systems

Ultrasonic Holography is a powerful NDT method for Production inspection of metal bonded parts for turbine aircraft engines and medical implant devices.

Easy To Use

Programmable for easy operator setup and use.

Save Time

Optimizes inspection time. Save and Recall multiple part test setups.

Powerful Image Processing

Mega Pixel Camera w/Laser Zoom

Views and Configurations


System Features

  • Full Automatic Production Testing
  • Mega Pixel Camera w/Laser Zoom
  • Test Modes: Manual, Automatic & R&D
  • Adjustable Fixture to fit all
    abradable shrouds, felt metal rings
    and seals also ring sections
  • Zero Maintenance, 15,000 hr.
  • Solid-State 150mw Laser
  • Easy part set-up
  • Image analysis tools
  • Windows Operation
  • LAN and Bar-Code optional
  • Honeycomb Seal NDI Capability
  • RTM Composites NDI Capability
  • Designed and built in the USA

Materials / Applications

  • Felt Metal Abradable Rings
  • Honeycomb Seal Rings
  • Plasma Sprayed Abradable Seals
  • Abradable Shroud Rings & Seals
  • RTM Composites
  • Vane Clusters


Meets Industry Standards i.e.:
The DH-8000 meets Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Specification BTM-11 Holography.
As an example, has inspected both F100 and JT9-D engine components and F117 RTM compressor stators.

Disbonds appear dark in these Ultrasonic Holography results on a orthopedic Implant devices.

Inspection Applications
Shearography in Action

Shearography detects: Delaminations, Disbonds, Impact damage, Repair defects, Porosity, Cracks ,Fiber waves or wrinkles

Disbonds in metal braze bonded coolantchannels. Field of View = 10 x 12 in.
Non-visible impact damage on a carbon fiber laminate aircraft wing panel. Field of View = 8 x 8 in.
COPV fiber bridging defects.Tank diameter = 6.4 in.

Our Full Line of Shearography NDT Systems

Shearography can be applied to many applications, if we don't have a system that works for you, we can custom build one that will.

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Shearography NDT System for Ciritcal Aerospace Components

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Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine Inspection System

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Digital Holography Inspection System

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