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Shearography & Holography

Our Shearography NDT Instruments and systems offer high throughput and new inspection capabilities not possible with with traditional NDT methods. LTI introduced the first shearography systems in 1986 and now offers a broad range of products or custom solutions to meet nearly every application.

Services Feasibility Studies & Engineering Analysis

Let our experts help you evaluate if shearography is right for you program with an evaluation study. We can also provide contract testing services at your facility or our NDT laboratories.

Technology How Shearography Works

A shearography camera images the changes to the surface shape of a test part subjected to a small stress.Sensitive to deformations down to about 1 nm., surface and subsurface defects area revealed when the right stress change is applied.



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Level II

LTI, Norristown PA.

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Level II

LTI, Norristown PA.

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Level II

LTI, Norristown PA.



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Shearography Applications

When it’s mission critical, we’re there. Our technology keeps equipment and people safe in a multitude of applications. 

Spacecraft & Launch Vehicles
Aircraft Engines
COPV Tanks & Rocket Motors
Helecopter & Rotor Blades
Marine Composites
Honeycomb & Composites

About LTI

Since our founding in 1978, Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) has been the world leader in manufacturing state of the art highspeed laser-based NDT systems, quality testing services and superior training to the aerospace, electronics, marine, medical, rail and civil engineering industries. This Nondestructive method is highly cost effective, fast and efficient.